Algorithmic Bible

Typography / Motion Design

Adobe InDesign, Adobe AfterEffect, Figma


  • Introduction

    Drawing inspiration from the essay "The Nerve of the Algorithmic," my project, "Algorithmic Bible," is a typographic narrative installation and an art movement. This work critically investigates AI's influence on our cognition and aesthetics, communicated through motion posters and videos. Challenging the perception of algorithms as infallible, the project prompts creators to address their anxieties tied to technology's omnipresence and the need to reevaluate our perceptions of AI and technological ethics. The project's relevance resonates on social media, reflecting broader discourse around AI's impact.

    I've utilized typography, motion design, and video to convey a complex narrative, initiated the “Create your prototype” movement on Instagram to foster a community, and integrated a VR filter as a part of the participatory experience.

    Bullet Points:

    • Algorithm is not neutral.
    • Algorithm is not rational.
    • Algorithm is not efficient.
    • Algorithm is not our new god.
    • We must resist these mystical narratives and machinations.
    • Let us not forsake the human designer in favor of the AI counterpart.
    • We stand not against technocracy; creators ought to embrace and master new technologies.
    • The righteous path requires neither blind faith nor utter despair.
    • We must redirect our focus from the algorithm to the wisdom of algorithmic thought.
    • In the face of cold numbers, let us not forsake our inherent sense of humanity.
    • We design not for faceless data or soulless numbers, but for the living, breathing human spirit.

    The Narrative Framework
    Corresponded Poster Series
    How could we interact with physical posters in our increasingly digital world?
    Call to Action:

    Indeed, the almighty algorithm is swiftly sweeping away the purity of our creativity. As we diligently nurture the growth of artificial intelligence and unmask the mysteries of new media and technology, we were confident, ensnared by the illusion of total control. Yet, the stark reality reveals itself in a divine revelation: the colossal Leviathan of Big Data has been schooling us in parallel, subtly shaping our behaviors, emotions, and self-conceptions.

    This daunting insight leads us to the altar of introspection, where we re-evaluate the communion between algorithms and creators: We find ourselves increasingly estranged from the sanctum of authentic aesthetic freedom due to the overbearing presence of algorithms. So, we ponder, how might we reclaim our cognitive liberty and remain creatively fertile in this technological wilderness?

Unmapped virtual exhibition website includes two parts, the front part as UI system and the back exhibition spaces. I use API to grab visitor’s data. And using this floating box as the only UI navigation system. No exit bar, no next page button, but let the audience actually “walk” in this space.

The first space discusses how environment and time change our viewing behavior. A sculpture floats on the ocean while the surroundings change based on the viewer's real-time zone. If viewers want to see it at night, they must come to this page at night, in real life.

Second Space is a painting that changes according to the viewer's actions. The more engaged the viewer is (like clicking or rotating the image with a mouse), the more dynamic the painting becomes. This exhibit is designed for the viewer and it reshapes itself when being observed.

Third space is a re-imagination of the transitional artworks in the digital realm. “The Thinker” and “Discobolus” crumble to dust when the viewer is further away and reconstruct when the viewer approaches.

This approach not only breathes life into traditionally static typography but also adds value by fostering user engagement. This organic gravitation system reinforces the potential for design and technology to intersect, creating intuitive, immersive experiences that mimic the captivating complexity of our natural world.

Through this project I hope to bring life to the creative code community and to attract and inspire other artists. :)