Amfi: Functional Sound App

UI Design/ UX Design

Figma / Adobe After Effects


Unmapped virtual exhibition website includes two parts, the front part as UI system and the back exhibition spaces. I use API to grab visitor’s data. And using this floating box as the only UI navigation system. No exit bar, no next page button, but let the audience actually “walk” in this space.

The first space discusses how environment and time change our viewing behavior. A sculpture floats on the ocean while the surroundings change based on the viewer's real-time zone. If viewers want to see it at night, they must come to this page at night, in real life.

Second Space is a painting that changes according to the viewer's actions. The more engaged the viewer is (like clicking or rotating the image with a mouse), the more dynamic the painting becomes. This exhibit is designed for the viewer and it reshapes itself when being observed.

Third space is a re-imagination of the transitional artworks in the digital realm. “The Thinker” and “Discobolus” crumble to dust when the viewer is further away and reconstruct when the viewer approaches.

This approach not only breathes life into traditionally static typography but also adds value by fostering user engagement. This organic gravitation system reinforces the potential for design and technology to intersect, creating intuitive, immersive experiences that mimic the captivating complexity of our natural world.

Through this project I hope to bring life to the creative code community and to attract and inspire other artists. :)